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Welcome to The Satoshi Show!

The Satoshi Show is a private consulting, research and educational firm specializing in cryptocurrency and helping our audience develop multiple streams of passive rewards!

We can help you start a home based business today. We discuss passive and active programs that can be used to leverage your crypto and fiat into five, six and even seven-figure passive streams of rewards while working from home. We educate our audience on how to leverage their capital, as well as other peoples money (OPM). While we strive to be entertaining, we have done our homework.


The Satoshi Show is not for the meek.

Our show is intended for serious business men and women. You need big brass kahunas to play in this sandbox! We didn’t earn our crypto stash by playing it safe! If you can’t tolerate a little risk in your portfolio then The Satoshi Show may not be your cup of tea. You should leave this site immediately!
We discuss high risk / high reward opportunities.

If you want it all and you want it right now then stick around! Its all about leverage and multiple streams of passive rewards.

  • Work from home…
  • Earn six or seven figures annually…
  • Follow a duplicable system…
  • Open a cheap or often free franchise…
  • Start living the life of your dreams…

We can start you on the right path, but the rest is up to you!

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You can find some of our current crypto programs and a brief description of each below:


Hyper Fund Global

banks finish

Missed out on bitcoin? What if you had yet Another Opportunity to take advantage of the Crypto Industry?

The most exciting & lucrative project in over a decade!

Hyper Fund Global is a massive opportunity powered by some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry…

Hyper Fund Global, is a crypto community founded by some of the most well-respected and influential people in the entire blockchain industry. This community is able to leverage a unique & innovative system that the founders have developed to provide unprecedented opportunities for the average, everyday person.

Hyper Fund Global is 4 companies that are working with & supported by fortune 500 companies & governments around the world, have invested in & incubated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the entire world, own more than 40 world class crypto exchanges, and are developing world class technology that is set to disrupt entire industries.

Learn how to Leverage the System and earn Compound Rewards!

Albert Einstein stated that compound interest is the eight wonder of the world. I am inviting you to test out that theory in your own account. No thanks necessary.

Earn Rewards at a rate of 0.5% to 1% PER DAY!

A Hyper Fund membership is always FREE! There are NO startup Costs! There are no monthly fees or subscription costs!

Can you really afford not to play?

Click Here. Hyper Videos

Click Here. Due Diligence Report

Hyper Fund International Team

Hyper Email

Hyper Calc


Auvoria Prime

This Artificially Intelligent software is cranking out pips faster than we can count them! On one account, we are earning 1% to 3% per week on conservative settings. A tiny $2,000 investment that is earning 2.5% per week or 10% per month will grow to over $600,000 in 60 months! You can make over half a million dollars quicker than you can pay off a car loan! Use this Forex compounding calculator to see for yourself:


First take a look at the one year verfied results for Veribull software available with Auvoria Prime:  **

** Using this calculator is for entertainment purposes and past performance is not indicative to future results

Get 3 and yours is Free

Optional referral program for $10 per month

The one thing we like most is the security. We don't have to worry about anyone running off with our bitcoins because it is in our own brokerage account and no one but ourselves can touch it!

Well known MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson, is on retainer (We personally verified this)

Licensed Financial Advisor (former Wall Street Analyst), Stephen Vettorel on Corp Team Bill Wynn (long time friend) is an owner and Chief Technology Officer (see here (

Software uses A.I. tech (and is performing flawlessly and growing our bitcoins)

Software works well with a Bitcoin Denominated account

No need to lease a VPS as MT4 Trading bot is hosted on cloud (low latency)

Auvoria Prime has its own Compliant Marketing Funnel w auto-responder and emails, so members will not be putting out non compliant information (its very good)

Mirror Trading International

Dear MTI Members,

In August, after the hack of the MTI website, we advised all our personally sponsored members that we felt MTI had moved into a high risk category because we could no longer validate their trading activity. We also advised that members remove their bitcoin. We quit promoting MTI on the Satoshi Show at that time. We were proved correct by the latest response from the MTI corporate team which you can see below. As such, and because of liability issues, we must take down the marketing funnel and any youtube videos remaining. We hope and pray for Johan’s safety and for MTI to resolve their legal issues and resume payments, but understand it will be a difficult and lengthy process.


Click Here for the 12-20-2020 Corporate Announcement:
Click Here for the 12-21-2020 Corporate Announcement:
Click Here for the 12-22-2020 Corporate Final Statement:
Please direct any questions or concerns to MTI support at:

Mind Capital

Closing to NEW Members on Sunday November 22nd at Midnight Est time.

Remember: Membership in the Arbitrage Trading Passive Rewards will be closed to new members on Monday! If you want to get in or bump up your balance, you have to do it Today or Sunday! 

On Monday you will no longer be able to compound and this opportunity is closed to new members until otherwise noted.